Whether you’re planning for a major renovation, making some minor updates to your furniture and décor, or just in the mood to change the vibe of a room with a fresh new hue, you may be interested to read about some of the top interior design trends of 2015.

From the picks of the professionals, to the trends on television design shows, to the pages of Pinterest, we’ve done our homework and rounded up five of the top trends in interior design for 2015.  Of course, what really matters is the design choices that match your taste and make you feel happy at home – so however you decide to update your décor in 2015, whether with a total home makeover or a new set of throw pillows, have fun with the process of feathering your nest.

Say Hello to Santorini
This year, Greece is a major inspiration for interior design. You will see the cerulean blue of the Mediterranean popping up in everything from bathroom tile to wallpaper. (Yes, wallpaper is officially back in style!)  Deep shades of blue feature heavily in many design schemes – often paired with white accents for a clean, crisp look.  You will also see Greek influence in many of the repeating geometric patterns found in floor coverings and upholstery, as well as in the resurgence of gold fixtures and accents.

Renaissance Resurgence
Further supporting the trend toward gold and other mixed metallic accents, 2015 will feature interiors inspired by Renaissance style. From brushed bronze rivets and drawer pulls to accent walls of patterned wallpaper, design will experience a softening, with textures and colors that look as if they were pulled straight from a painting by Jan van Eyck.  Rich colors, like olive, plum, and Marsala (the Pantone color of 2015), will also experience a newfound appreciation.

Open Up The Possibilities
Designers are inclined to get everything out in the open this year. In the kitchen, mounted cabinets are being removed in favor of minimalist shelving where stylish dinnerware can be displayed between uses. In the bathroom, the trend is toward freestanding pieces like wall-mounted, floating sinks and claw-foot soaking tubs.  Consider complementing the open and airy space with a statement light. Lighting design is trending towards pieces that are truly artistic and sculptural to instantly draw they eye to the warmest and brightest part of the room.

A Nod to Nature
Once again this year, nature is woven into the fabrics, materials, and accessories of on-trend homes. It is sometimes presented subtly – with unfinished stone or rustic wood pieces that invite you to consider the beauty and worth of the material’s natural state. Other times, it makes a statement, with bold accessories of bone or antler, feather-filled centerpieces, or wallscapes of lush green succulents.  Large prints of botanical drawings or water themes with fluid designs are also popular this year, creating a Zen feeling within a room.

Furniture Everywhere
One of our favorite trends of this year is the movement toward functional comfort. The latest furniture styles invite you to have a seat and linger, rather than admire from afar. Large, lounge-able sofas and chaises are welcome in stylish living areas this year.  Seating is added to unexpected places, like bathrooms and dressing rooms, encouraging you to relax and enjoy whatever space you’re in.  Instead of shopping for a complete set of furniture, pull in unexpected pieces that work well together without necessarily “matching.”  A detailed mahogany buffet hutch could be a perfect complement in the dining room in lieu of built in shelving, as could a refinished bombe chest for extra storage in the living room. This trend marries well with both the Renaissance inspirations and the appreciation of natural wood textures.

No matter which design trends you choose to incorporate in your home, the joy of design is taking the inspiration and creating a space that speaks to you and speaks about you. Express yourself authentically in your interior design, and the result will be beautiful, for this year and for many years to come.

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